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Group Tutoring


To protect our tutors and students, we regret to announce that all our services will be conducted online until further notice.

Group tutoring connects students with the same curricula and objectives to a Harvard student tutor who can lead students through their material in a small classroom setting. Tutors can assist students on a particular subject of their choice or provide a multifaceted curriculum that encompasses a variety of common subjects. Group Courses typically consist of between 2-5 students that meet once or twice weekly.

*Don't see what you're looking for? Just put "Other (specify at checkout)" as your Subject and describe what you need during checkout. You can also customize a Private Tutoring Package with your specifications. Check if we offer your subject by sending us a question through the Intercom applet at the bottom right corner or by scheduling a quick, free consultation


All of our tutors are Harvard students who can help you achieve your goals. As soon as you sign up for a package we will begin our matching process to find you a tutor who can meet your needs effectively.
If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to us in the intercom applet in the bottom right of the screen or email us at


Hourly Rates per Student*

2 Students
3 Students
4 Students
5 Students
2 Hours
5 Hours
10 Hours
20 Hours
*Note off-campus in-person tutoring rates also include compensation for the time the tutor spends traveling and can only be used within a 15 minute drive radius of Harvard's campus

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