Virtual Webinars

Join us for our virtual webinars to tap into the most valuable resources at Harvard University: conversation with current Harvard students. We are currently building more webinar content to be released this summer, but in the meantime download our free college essay guide, or request your own personal webinar on a topic of your choice by emailing

Harvard Student Tutors

All of our tutors are current Harvard students. With average SAT and ACT composite scores of 1560 and 35, tutors share their own insider tips and personal expertise to help their students succeed.

Comprehensive Curricula

Along with fundamental study skills, tutors adapt lesson material to specific sections and questions of the SAT and ACT to cater to a student's personal needs.

Customizable Schedules

Tutoring sessions are held online and are scheduled according to the student's availability, and the amount and duration of sessions are also completely dependent on a students' needs.

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