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All our tutors are Harvard students who can help you get the score you need on the SAT and ACT. Whether you prefer to learn in a classroom setting or in a one-on-one setting, our group courses or private tutoring can help you.

Group Courses
SAT/ACT Group Courses
Prepare for the SAT or ACT with our four-week-long group courses. Group courses run from 5 - 9 PM every Sunday leading up to the exam date. You'll get your very own prep book at the beginning of the group course so you can follow along with your instructor and it's yours to keep when the group course ends if you want to practice even more!
SAT Group Courses ACT Group Courses

SAT/ACT Private Tutoring
For students who prefer to learn one-on-one, our SAT and ACT private tutoring match you with a Harvard student who can teach you the strategies they used themselves to increase their own score. Whether you're just getting started studying or you only need a few more points, we can find you a tutor who will help you accomplish your goals.
SAT/ACT Private Tutoring
Private Tutoring

Subject Test Tutoring
SAT Subject Test Tutoring
Prepare for your subject tests, formerly known as SAT II's with a Harvard student who has taken the exam before. Most classes' curricula gloss over material that's tested on the subject test so you'll likely have to do some additional studying. Your tutor will assess your strengths and weaknesses and help you develop a study plan that will ensure you're ready come test day.
Subject Test Tutoring

SAT SOS Flashcards
Also, check out our SAT SOS Flashcards put together by Harvard students to help you cover all your fundamentals in a time crunch. These flashcards are a great last-minute resource to squeeze a few extra points in!
SAT SOS Flashcards

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