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All our tutors are Harvard Students who have taken and excelled in the SAT and ACT. Private tutoring gives you the flexibility to prepare for the test your way. Whether you just need a few extra points or you haven't even started studying, we can help you!

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SAT Tutoring
The SAT is a complicated test. With four sections and a challenging time constraint, it can be hard to figure out the best way to prepare. All our tutors are Harvard Students who excelled in the test and can share the strategies they used to improve their scores. Your tutor will identify your weaknesses then help you address them in a tutoring plan that is tailored to your specific needs.
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ACT Tutoring
Like the SAT, the ACT will test your ability in a variety of subjects with a challenging time constraint. However, these test are not exactly the same. With some completely different question structures and a science section, the ACT requires a specialized preparation. Our Harvard Student tutors understand the nuanced differences between the two exams and can identify your weaknesses and help you address them.
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