work one-on-one with our Harvard students

No matter the subject or level, we can help you. We'll match you with a Harvard student who can help you achieve all your goals. At HSA Tutoring, we believe that these interpersonal connections are crucial for unlocking every student’s maximum potential. By affecting mindset as well as knowledge, our tutors aspire to not only build a student’s confidence in difficult material but also infuse them with an enthusiasm and love of learning. 

We understand that all students are different in the way that they learn, which is why our tutors are all different in the ways that they teach. Each of our 150 tutors are trained to adapt their own personal affinities to the narratives of their students. But there is one thing in common with every tutor: a lasting impression on the education of their students. After our students feel ready to move on from their tutoring, we want to leave them with a desire to learn more. Everyone deserves to feel confident in the classroom, and HSA Tutoring strives to motivate students so they can excel going forward.