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Partner with us to tap into one of the most valuable resources at Harvard University: mentorship and conversation with Harvard students. We offer our partners discounted bulk pricing in all of our services including private tutoring, Crimson Coaching, and Group Courses -- please get in touch, we’d love to connect!

Learn Anything with Workshops

Another unique service we offer HSA Tutoring partners are workshops: lessons about the SAT, college admissions, or American culture taught by current Harvard undergraduates who can offer up-to-date information and advice. These workshops can be taught online or in Harvard classrooms.

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Workshop Topics

American Culture and History
50 states in the U.S.
American Culture
American History
American Idioms
American Literature
Chinese vs. American Culture
Education in the U.S.
Sports in the U.S.

English and Public Speaking
Conversational English
English as Second Language (ESL)
Public Speaking

Leadership and Skills
Leadership Development
Study Skills

Test Preparation
ACT Overview
ACT Subjects
SAT Overview
SAT Subjects
TOEFL Overview
TOEFL Subjects

Harvard and College Application
Applying to Top U.S. Colleges
College Interviews
Harvard Campus Tour
Harvard University
Life at Harvard

Professional Development
Business and Idea Generation
Business Plan Writing
Life after College
Resume and Cover Letters

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