Get Exam Ready, Newton South
Our SAT Group Course is run by Harvard students who scored well on the exam and can help you do the same. Group courses will run every Sunday 5-9 PM starting 11/03 until 12/01 leading right into the Dec. 7th exam date.

A Group Course Tailored for Newton South
We worked with your school to develop a Group Course that will work best for you and your classmates (you'll get the exact location in an email!). Group courses will be hosted right by Harvard's campus. You will receive a complimentary prep book so you can follow along with your instructor and continue to practice even when class is not in session. Sign up by 11/1 to ensure we have enough time to register you for the course!
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Who is Harvard Student Agencies Tutoring?
We are a non-profit run entirely by Harvard students devoted to spreading affordable college-readiness resources to anyone who wants them. Since 2007 when we started tutoring, we have helped thousands of kids get closer to their college dreams through a variety of tutoring services and events. All our tutors are Harvard undergraduates who share our vision and are devoted to supporting all their students. For more information, feel free to shoot us an email at or give us a call at (617) 496-1506 during regular business hours.
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