Welcome to Middle School Tutoring, our engaging tutoring service that helps Middle Schoolers master any subject! Our tutors will work 1-on-1 with you to give personalized help and direct feedback so you can prepare for success. Get a head start on the college process by learning with a Harvard student. We will work with you to create a customized curriculum that covers everything you want for your child.

What We Offer

Youth Mentorship

We know setting your child up for a promising future can be stressful. But, our inspiring Harvard mentors can make sure that they reach the success that we know your child is capable of. Whether it's talking to them, engaging their minds, or guiding their future trajectories, our mentors are there and ready to help your child set and reach their goals.

Learning Enrichment

Whether your child is soaring ahead in their coursework or needs a helping hand to guide their brilliant minds, we're here to help your child reach a deeper understanding of their class material. 

Customizable Curriculum

Completely. Customizable. Curriculum. That's right; we'll passionately work with you to set your child up for success. You tell us what your child needs to further their learning, the times that work for you, and we match you with someone who can help.

Reading and Discussion

Looking to cultivate your child's knowledge? We're more than happy to read and discuss anything from children's stories to news articles or books: so your child has the opportunity to develop experience engaging with challenging sources with a friend at Harvard.

Fostering Passions

Help your child develop their academic passions early on to give them an edge over their peers! Our tutors will listen and guide your child to discover what makes them happy, and give them the tools to master it!

Extracurricular Prep

Jumpstart your child's future with extracurricular prep from the most successful mentors possible. We make sure that your child has the instruments they need to ace all of their extracurricular pursuits.


The Best Role Models You Can Find

Our tutors are here to help your student gain confidence and build character at a young age. We're here to help them grow as a leader, and give them someone that they look up to and hold them accountable to set them up for success.

High Quality and Experienced Help

Each of our Harvard student tutors are experts in their fields, which means that your child is getting the best mentorship possible. We can prepare your child to achieve the same, or if not greater success than our tutors have.