Apply to be a Harvard Student Agencies Intern

Register today to become an HSA Education Intern! You'll get the chance to develop professional work experience by working with current Harvard students, gain valuable real-world marketing skills, and learn more about colleges and the application process! This is a flexible, paid opportunity to get a jumpstart on your future. Next application round in January 2022!


"HSA is such a great organization. After interning for them for over a year, I've seen them put so much thought into their staff and quality of content. Highly recommend!"
- Ava K. (Edu Intern)

"As an intern, I've seen how HSA cares about its products and customers and I would highly recommend them. . ."
- Ayesha S. (Edu Intern)

"[HSA] is really great! Helped me decide my major in college through their [internship] program!"
- Muhammad H. (Edu Intern)