Group Tutoring

Group tutoring connects students with the same curricula and objectives to a Harvard student tutor who can lead students through their material in a small classroom setting. Crimson Coaches can assist students on a particular discipline of their choice or provide a multifaceted curriculum that encompasses a variety of common subjects. 

Application Prep

Receive comprehensive college application prep with topics ranging from the Common App essay to interview practice.


Learn from a mentor who can share the strategies that allowed them to succeed in extracurriculars such as AMC or Debate.

Academic Skills

Identify areas for improvement through extensive discussions with your coach and develop a plan to grow as a student.


“Richard is very dedicated to his students, well prepared and qualified, has a positive attitude. HSA Tutoring is caring, attentive, customer oriented, treating students nicely; most important is your positive attitude.”

ELIJAH , West Roxbury, MA

“I had an amazing tutoring experience!!! [My coach was] accommodating, friendly, and SUPER helpful. Unfortunately you guys are almost too good... As through your services I will be attending Yale University in the fall.” 

SARA, Woburn, MA


“[My coach] has helped begin to reach my potential in a number of areas and has vastly improved my understanding of things that would stop me in my tracks before. Overall, an experience I would offer to anyone.”  

JASMIN, Dorchester, MA  

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