Frequently Asked Questions
Who will my tutor be?

We have over 150 active tutors who are all current Harvard undergraduates. Our tutors are selected via a rigorous application process to ensure that HSA Tutors are the best of the best - not only outstanding academically, but also great teachers and experienced mentors. The average score of our tutors is above 770 on each SAT section, and 35 on the ACT - in the national 99th percentile of scores.

Can I pick my tutor?

Based on the information you provide with your request, we match you to the best possible available tutor! We take into considerations such as academic background, shared areas of interest, and possible scheduling conflicts. As a result of this process, we cannot guarantee that you'll be matched with a specific tutor - but we assure you that you'll be happy with the outcome!

Can I get tutored on weekends/evenings?

Yes! In fact, most of our tutors prefer weekends and evenings - since they are full-time students too. We're happy to work with you and find a schedule that accommodates your needs.

Where does tutoring happen?

Generally on-campus or online. Most of our tutoring for Boston-area students happens on Harvard's campus. The tutor will let you know the location of the specific classroom/meeting spot before the session. Outside of Boston, we work with many students via Skype - from all over the US and all over the world! Online tutoring is a great distance education option and very flexible to suit your needs. Finally, we do limited off-campus tutoring in the Boston area. If you live within 30 min of Harvard's campus and would prefer the tutor come to meet you, please indicate that in your request and we will try to make it happen

Where are group courses held?

All group courses (SAT/ACT Comprehensive, SAT Bootcamp, Summer Business Academy) are held on the campus of Harvard College.

How do I register for private tutoring?

Easy! Submit a request here and you'll hear back from a tutor shortly.

If I request a tutor, how soon can I expect to get started?

We maintain a 3 day turnaround time for most requests, so you will hear from a tutor via email within a few business days! The tutor will introduce themselves and suggest some times that may work for scheduling your first meeting.

How do I pay for hours?

Click here to pay via credit card on our website.

What are your hourly rates?

Hourly rates range from $60 - $85 depending on how many hours you purchase at a time - hourly rates drop if you purchase in bulk!   

How many hours do I need? Should I purchase any prep books? How many sessions of tutoring do I need?

Most of these questions do not have a single answer - we believe in personalized educational experiences for every student! Your tutor will get to know you and work with you during your first meeting so they will be able to make these recommendations afterwards based on their diagnostics. HSA Tutoring is uniquely flexible and we are focused on understanding your needs and collaboratively creating a plan for your success.

Do you tutor SSAT/ISEE/TOEFL/SAT II/AP/IB/middle school students/elementary school students/academic classes/college essays...?

Absolutely! With over 100 experienced tutors, we can cover just about any subject or academic area. HSA Tutoring has successfully worked with students ranging from 2nd grade all the way through graduate school so we are prepared to help you address the unique academic challenges you face.

What is the private tutoring refund policy?

Our terms and conditions can be found here. 

Question not answered here?

Feel free to contact us to schedule a free consultation, ask questions, or learn more about our services! The fastest way to receive a response is to email