Debate Bootcamp

Learn about the art of debate with in this 10-hour curriculum, curated and taught by nationally ranked debaters from Harvard. For 2 hours everyday over the course of one week, learn directly from former and current Harvard debaters who can give you all the tips and tricks you will need to thrive in your debate career. From learning the history of debate to researching and defending your own debate topic, become an expert debater in one week!
Bring your excitement to the Debate Bootcamp—and leave with a robust foundation in a new skill, the confidence to engage further with debate, and a network of peers and mentors in debate.

Why Debate Bootcamp?

  Our debate coaches have competed at state and national levels—and they continue to debate at Harvard today! Several of
  our HSA Debate Coaches have been ranked within the
Top 50 national high school debaters. They have experience in team
  debates, policy debates, and tournaments. Your coach may be a member of the
Harvard College Debating Union or 
  Harvard Debate Council.


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Bring a Friend!

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Program Schedule

Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Day 5
- Warm-up
- The Point of
- Claim-Warrant-
- Refutation Lecture
- Recap
- Civic vs. Competitive
- Types of Strategies
- Choose Student
  Debate Topics
- Recap
- Debate Prep &
  Structure Strategies
- Judging
- Opening Statement
- Recap
- Rebuttals
- Closing Statement
- Public Speaking Tips

- Debate Day
- Introduction
- Final Debates         
- Conclusion