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Crimson Coaching connects you to our Crimson Coaches who provide academic counseling and mentorship to help student plan and achieve their career goals. Crimson Coaches can assist students in perfecting their college applications, develop strategies for improving academic performance, and provide guidance on extracurricular activities. Our coaches tailor their curriculums to the needs of the student, providing a unique coaching experience.
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Where Our Students Have Gone...
Our students have been accepted to the top schools in the country, including Harvard, Stanford, and Cornell. 

Get into a school like Harvard
Get into a school like Stanford
Get into a school like Yale
Get into a school like Cornell

Crimson Coaching Modules
Crimson Coaching can prepare you for a well-rounded and holistic application. With coaching in everything from extracurriculars to academic skills, you'll be ready to build a great college application.


Application Prep

Receive comprehensive college application prep with topics ranging from the Common App essay to interview practice.

Prepare for the SAT/ACT with a Harvard student

Exam Prep

Get personalized instruction to prepare you for the SAT, ACT, and AP exams.

Prepare for your extracurriculars with a Harvard student

Be advised by a mentor who can share the strategies that allowed them to succeed in extracurriculars such as AMC or Debate.
Develop Academic Skills with a Harvard student
Academic Skills

Identify areas for improvement through extensive discussions with your coach and develop a plan to grow as a student.

Free Consultation
Sign up for a free consultation to determine if Crimson Coaching is right for you. Or, if you're ready to sign up now, just visit this page.
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