Q: Is HSA Tutoring still operational?

A: Yes! Though our in-person operations will be suspended until further notice, we are still offering private tutoring, group courses, and Crimson Coaching online via Zoom.

Q: Where will tutoring happen?

A: Tutoring will now solely take place online via the video conference software Zoom. Your tutor will be in touch about how to access/schedule Zoom meetings.

Q: Where are group courses held?

A: Group courses, including those that were previously conducted on Harvard’s campus, will now only be held online.

Q: What subjects can I receive tutoring for?

A: All of our tutors are still active and remain diverse in the subjects that they can cover. Our tutors are equipped to teach any K-12 school subject, as well as SAT subject test and AP test material. For other standardized tests, tutors teach the SAT, ACT, ISEE, SSAT, and TOEFL. In addition to one-on-one tutoring, we also offer comprehensive group courses in the SAT and ACT.

Q: Can I get tutored on weekends/evenings?

A: Yes. In fact, most of our tutors prefer weekends and evenings since they are still full-time students attending classes remotely. If your circumstances have changed and you would like to change what time you would like to meet your tutor, we are happy to work with you and find a schedule that accommodates your needs.

Q: Do I now have to purchase my own prep books?

A: All of our SAT/ACT private tutoring and group courses still include a free prep book, and we will continue sending purchased books to SAT and ACT students.

Q: Can a student try a different tutor or subject part way through a package they have already purchased?

A: Yes. If a student would like to match with a different tutor, we can renew the matching process. Students can also transfer their purchased hours between all subjects. A student may continue with the same tutor they were assigned if the tutor feels comfortable teaching the new subject, or we can find a different tutor with greater expertise in the new field.

Question not answered here?

Email tutoring@hsa.net to ask questions or learn more about operations under our new COVID-19 policies.