Is Private Tutoring Worth It


Is Private Tutoring Worth It?

As private tutoring becomes an integral part of many students’ education, we have to stop and ask ourselves: is private tutoring worth it? Many families spend thousands of dollars on private tutoring for their children and aren’t sure if it actually has any effect! However, I can say with confidence that in the right circumstances, private tutoring is exactly what a student needs to reach their full potential.

Private tutoring is the best solution for any student who is falling behind in their coursework or wants to get ahead of the curve in their education. Most students have had the experience of hitting a wall in their learning—there is something that they want to learn but don’t have the time or understanding to learn it by themselves. Whether it’s algebra concepts that they can’t grasp or debate strategies that they can’t practice without guidance, students have all hit an obstacle that private tutoring can fix.

The most significant advantage of taking private tutoring is that it saves you stress, time, and effort! The reality of modern-day classrooms is that teachers can’t cater their lessons to every student—whether you’re a student who learns differently or just someone who needs extra time on one concept but less on another. Teachers are unable to modify their lessons to accommodate all needs. In private tutoring, it’s the exact opposite! Private tutors are able to cater precisely to the student’s needs and learning styles so that they can grasp concepts in the simplest, fastest, and easiest way possible. This relieves anxiety in both students and parents who are worried about their education. A study done at the University of Koblenz-Landau in Germany even shows that parent-child relationships are improved after private tutoring! The ease and efficiency of understanding that comes from private tutoring makes it a perfect solution for any student who needs help in a subject.

Of course, all this comes with a major caveat: the quality of the tutor. Many private tutors are teenagers or adults who haven’t reached the level of success that motivated students are striving for. The reality is that a full-time private tutor at a large tutoring center does work as a full-time private tutor, which may not necessarily be the career path your student wants to take. Here at HSA Tutoring, all of our tutors are current Harvard students who already put in the time and effort to ace all of their courses! After they graduate, our tutors go on to become tremendously successful leaders within their industries, so you can trust that they will give the tutoring necessary to make sure that their students are on the path to achieve a similar vein of success. Any student who is tutored by HSA tutors can be sure that they will get invested, personal tutoring from the most qualified peer mentor imaginable.


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