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We understand that every student is different in the ways that they learn, which is why our tutors are all different in the ways that they teach. Read what our tutors had to say about their own academic passions and connect with a Harvard student tutor who will help you succeed in your academic endeavors. Use the match button to go to our private tutoring platform or click on the individual subject that you're interested in to begin the sign-up process.

Penny A.

About Penny

Hello! My name is Penny Alegria, and I'm a Freshman at Harvard studying English. I attended Niles West High School where I was the Captain of the Slam Poetry Team and the Fundraising Chair for the Policy Debate Team. At Harvard, I'm a staff writer for the Harvard Political Review, a mentor for Act on a Dream’s Mentorship Program and a comer for The Crimson’s Arts Board. She has extensive experience tutoring in SAT, ACT and AP exams, as well as helping edit college admissions essays.

Subjects Taught: SAT, ACT, AP Exams

Sterling R.

About Sterling

Hello, my name is Sterling and I'm currently a sophomore at Harvard. Originally from Long Island, NY, I've always loved studying math, and I plan to major in Applied Mathematics. On campus and outside of class, I play club soccer, help with the trivia club, and set up all of my dorm activities! I’ve been tutoring various subjects for the last 3 years.

Subjects Taught: Algebra, AP Calculus, Physics, SAT, SAT Math

Stacy J.

About Stacy

Hi there, my name's Stacy! A senior from South Korea, I study Human Evolutionary Biology with a secondary in Music; I am also a dual degree student, pursuing music at Berklee College of Music. My interests are primarily with music, and so you can find me performing, singing or dancing around Harvard's campus. My tutoring experience stems from high school, where I first tutored others in math, music theory and French.

Subjects Taught: ACT, Biology, Chemistry, Crimson Coaching, French, SAT

Emily H.

About Emily

Hello, my name is Emily, and I'm a senior studying Applied Mathematics with a focus in Economics. I'm is an international student from Canada and plan on working directly after I graduate. I have co-founded one student organization on campus, work part-time during term-time, and am involved with Harvard College Faith and Action. Outside of academics, I love spending time with family and taking trips into Boston.

Subjects Taught: AP Calculus, Elementary Math , SAT

Justin G.

About Justin

Hi there! My name is Justin and I'm a senior concentrating in Computer Science. I specialize in teaching Computer Science, AP Physics, AP Statistics, ESL, and the SAT!

Subjects Taught: AP Physics , AP Statistics, Computer Science , SAT

Bella M.

About Bella

My name is Bella, and I am from New York City. I am a senior at Harvard College studying History of Science and Spanish, and I am also pre-med. Tutoring has been one of my main activities both in high school and college, and I have about five years of experience both as a tutor and as a mentor. I have been working with HSA for about one year and have really enjoyed my experience so far!

Subjects Taught: AP European History, Crimson Coaching, SAT, TOEFL, Spanish

Idil T.

About Idil

Hi everyone, my name's Idil and I'm a junior at Harvard College concentrating in Government with a secondary in Economics. On campus, I'm an active member of Women in Computer Science (WICS) and the finance manager of the Cabot Café, Harvard's only student-run café. Off campus, I work part-time for a strategy consulting company in Stockholm (which means I sometimes gets up at 3 AM), and am very involved in Swedish political life, even though I live close to 3000 miles away. I also teach spin classes and am always on the hunt for the best cinnamon bun recipe.

Subjects Taught: ACT, Crimson Coaching, Geometry, SAT, US History,

Peyton B.

About Peyton

Hi everyone, my name's Peyton and I'm a rising senior studying Astrophysics at the college who grew up in Grand Rapids, Michigan! I especially love teaching math, physics, and SAT/ACT prep. I've been tutoring students with a wide variety of ages and interests since 2015. At Harvard, I study a joint concentration in astrophysics and physics. Outside of the classroom, I love being a DJ at WHRB (Harvard College Radio!) and cooking with my friends.

Subjects Taught: ACT, Algebra, Geometry, Calculus, SAT, Physics,

Debora G.

About Debora

Hello! My name is Debora and I am a Junior at Harvard University. I study Sociology and Government in a data science quantitative track. On campus, I serve as the Economics and Social Sciences SibFam Chair for the Harvard Applied Math Society, as member of the Student Advisory Council to the Harvard Credit Union, and as Director in the Christian Impact servant team. I’ve been a tutor at HSA for 3 years and have counseled countless students in their journey through high school and college

Subjects Taught: Crimson Coaching, Economics, Spanish, World History

Anna D.

About Anna

Hello, my name's Anna! I'm a senior at Harvard College studying Government with minors in Spanish and Economics. My primary interests include politics, service, criminal justice, and business. At Harvard, I've participated in many organizations, including most recently serving as the Executive Director of Harvard for Biden and the President of the Institute of Politics. When I'm not studying or working, I like to spend time with friends, decorate cakes, run and bike, or listen to podcasts.

Subjects Taught:ACT, Algebra, Biology, Economics, Writing

Paige L.

About Paige

My name is Paige, and I’m a junior at Harvard College pursuing a joint concentration in Computer Science and Slavic Languages. At Harvard, I do research and am involved in the Bach Society Orchestra. Some of my interests outside of school are reading poetry and novels, writing short stories, and playing piano.

Subjects Taught:Algebra, Computer Science, Crimson Coaching, Trigonometry

Amin G.

About Amin

My name's Amin and I am a senior at Harvard College studying Economics and Chinese. On campus I have been involved in research at Harvard Business School, consulting for a group focused on sustainable business, debates at the Institute of Politics, and house life in Quincy House. In my free time I love running around a new part of the city and watching good films.

Subjects Taught:ACT, Crimson Coaching

Sunny T.

About Sunny

Hey there, my name is Sunny! I'm a sophomore planning on concentrating in Chemistry. Aside from tutoring, I play oboe in the Harvard Radcliffe Orchestra, and I serve as a Food Literacy Project Fellow. Fun fact: in high school, I took over 10 AP Exams and scored 5's on all of them.

Subjects Taught: AP Calculus, AP Chemistry, SAT

Will S.

About Will

Hi! My name's Will, I'm a sophomore student here at Harvard, and I’m originally from Zionsville, Indiana. In addition to studying Government, I'm involved with Model United Nations and some student publications. I would love to help you with the SAT, ACT, debate, and math levels ranging from elementary to calculus!

Subjects Taught: ACT, Debate, Elementary Math, SAT

Carolina R.

About Carolina

Hello, my name's Carolina and I am a junior here at Harvard College studying Economics with a secondary in Statistics. As a Crimson Coach, I have experience with both college essay editing and SAT private tutoring. At the college, I take pictures for the Harvard Yearbook Publications, write for the Harvard Economics Review, am involved with Harvard Women in Business and Smart Women Securities.

Subjects Taught: Crimson Coaching, SAT, AP Statistics

Kevin C.

About Kevin

Hello all! My name's Kevin and I am a junior at Harvard concentrating in Chemistry with a secondary in Statistics. I have experience tutoring the SAT, ACT, various History subjects, and have also been a Crimson Coach helping students with their college applications. At Harvard, I'm involved in Harvard Premedical Society, Consulting on Business and the Environment, CrimsonEMS, and various volunteer groups.

Subjects Taught: ACT, Crimson Coaching, History , SAT