All our Tutors are Harvard Students

HSA Tutoring is completely ran and operated by current Harvard students. All our tutors are current Harvard students who have existing tutoring experience, are interviewed heavily, then trained in best practices to make sure they know what they're talking about and they know how to teach it. We only hire Harvard students because they understand the material well but also because they can relate with their students. We have found students respond to tutoring much better when they're learning from someone closer to their age: someone they can relate to.

It’s not what you think; it’s how you think.

We believe that there are no right answers when it comes to success. There is no right way to answer a question, there is no right way to express yourself, and there is no right way to excel. Our tutoring philosophy revolves around this, we don't teach answers, we teach critical thinking, we teach methodologies, we teach you how to find your answers. In other words, we teach you how a Harvard student thinks so you too can accomplish your goals.

Tutoring With a Purpose

Harvard Student Agencies is a non-profit 501(c)(3) meaning we don't have any shareholders and we aim to break even every year. Our goal is to make information accessible to anyone who's looking for it. That's why we try running as many free webinars as possible and we offer our group courses at one-third the industry average of comparable courses. If we do inadvertently turn a profit, that money is used to helping Harvard students grow as students. Some of this money is donated to Harvard to go towards financial aid, some of it is used to hire students to increase overall employment, but all of it is put towards pursuing a more equitable campus and preparing students to enter the professional world after college.

Olivia, Computer Science, Class of 2021

Q: Why do you tutor?

“Because it allows me to give to others what I have been so lucky to receive: time and energy devoted towards my educational and personal growth.”

Q: How do you teach?

“My philosophy is that a student who learns how to learn will succeed far more than someone who is instructed on the minutia of any specific subject. I emphasize critical thinking, good study habits, persistence, and the idea that any student can master a topic with practice and the right resources.”

Q: Why do you tutor?

“Tutoring is one of the most rewarding jobs in which I've gotten to participate. I know how daunting many academic subjects can be and it is important to me to help students break through those walls in their education.”

Q: How do you teach?

“The most important thing in helping a student learn is actually getting to know the student. Although some may struggle with the same subjects, they all struggle in very different ways. Identifying those unique challenges and circumstances is key to solving how students can best learn tough topics.”

Carlos, Neuroscience, Class of 2021

Kelley, Government, Class of 2020

Q: Why do you tutor?

“I enjoy giving back and helping students realize their potential. I absolutely treasure the positive impact that I can have on students’ lives.”

Q: How do you teach?

“It’s important to me that I know my students personally: their aspirations, their likes/dislikes, their learning style, and more. I always ask my students what their goals are, and work hard to build a structured lesson plan that will accomplish this.”