Our Mission

Harvard Student Agencies Tutoring is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization exclusively made up of current Harvard students who seek to share their experiences, opportunities, and talents. Founded in 2006, our mission at HSA Tutoring is to share the opportunities and experiences of Harvard students with younger students and ignite their passion for learning.

It’s not what you think; it’s how you think.

Many students are eager to hear Harvard students’ secret to academic success. But we'll let you in on the real secret: there is no such secret.

Harvard students were not born with an innate capability to excel. In fact, every Harvard student faces academic challenges, whether that be a subject that they are not particularly adept at or a class that requires new skill sets. However, through the encouragement and commitment of their teachers and mentors, they are able to gain the confidence to fully apply themselves to their studies despite these challenges. The best of these mentors also infuse students with an enthusiasm for the topics taught in the classroom.

At HSA Tutoring, we believe that these interpersonal connections are crucial for unlocking every student’s maximum potential. By affecting mindset as well as knowledge, our tutors aspire to not only build a student’s confidence in tackling difficult material but also help them discover a true love of learning!


Our Tutors

We understand that all students are different in the way that they learn, which is why our tutors are all different in the ways that they teach. Each of our 150 tutors are trained to adapt their own personal affinities to the narratives of their students. If a student feels like their tutor is not well-suited to their personal learning style, we will first work to match them with a different tutor more aligned with their needs. But there is one thing in common with every tutor: a lasting impression on the education of their students. After our students feel ready to move on from their tutoring, we want to leave them with a desire to learn more. Everyone deserves to feel confident in the classroom, and HSA Tutoring strives to motivate students so they can excel going forward. Hear from some our tutors below:

Olivia, Computer Science, Class of 2021

Q: Why do you tutor?

“Because it allows me to give to others what I have been so lucky to receive: time and energy devoted towards my educational and personal growth.”

Q: How do you teach?

“My philosophy is that a student who learns how to learn will succeed far more than someone who is instructed on the minutia of any specific subject. I emphasize critical thinking, good study habits, persistence, and the idea that any student can master a topic with practice and the right resources.”

Q: Why do you tutor?

“Tutoring is one of the most rewarding jobs in which I've gotten to participate. I know how daunting many academic subjects can be and it is important to me to help students break through those walls in their education.”

Q: How do you teach?

“The most important thing in helping a student learn is actually getting to know the student. Although some may struggle with the same subjects, they all struggle in very different ways. Identifying those unique challenges and circumstances is key to solving how students can best learn tough topics.”

Carlos, Neuroscience, Class of 2021

Kelley, Government, Class of 2020

Q: Why do you tutor?

“I enjoy giving back and helping students realize their potential. I absolutely treasure the positive impact that I can have on students’ lives.”

Q: How do you teach?

“It’s important to me that I know my students personally: their aspirations, their likes/dislikes, their learning style, and more. I always ask my students what their goals are, and work hard to build a structured lesson plan that will accomplish this.”


Return Policy & Hour Transferrals

At HSA Tutoring, we understand that education is not transactional. That is why we guarantee that if students do not show improvement, we will fully reimburse them for all their hours. Because when students commit their time to HSA Tutoring, they are investing in their own futures. In order to facilitate the continuation of our student’s education, all tutoring hours are transferable between our private tutoring, group course, and crimson coaching offerings. We understand that improvement is an ongoing journey.