What Type of Learner are You


What Type of Learner am I


What Type of Learner Are You?

Have you ever felt like you got lost in the middle of a lesson, or wondered what the best strategy was for you to learn the best? Take this short quiz to find out what type of learner you are! Make sure to write down your answers so you can find out which learning approach suits you the best!

Question 1:

Which activity sounds the most engaging to you?

  1. Listening to an audio book in the back seat of a car
  2. Putting together a model train set to go under your Christmas tree
  3. Watching a documentary about baby elephants
  4. Reading a short story about a mysterious disappearance

Question 2:

Uh oh! A mischievous scandal broke out about your favorite idol! How would you like to find out the whole story?

  1. Watch a YouTube video with lots of graphics detailing what happened
  2. Listen to a news report during your morning commute
  3. Look up an article about the scandal
  4. Put up a short video about the incident while you eat lunch or exercise

Question 3:

Your teacher is introducing a new concept in science class. What’s the best part of the lesson?

  1. Listening to the lecture
  2. Watching the graphic video to illustrate the concept
  3. Conducting the lab experiment
  4. Writing the lab report

Question 4:

What’s the best way to spend your Friday night?

  1. Write a blog post about the best fast food pizza restaurant
  2. Listen to a comedy routine by your favorite comedian
  3. Watch a fireworks show from the roof of a building
  4. Play Jenga with your friends

Question 5:

You want to learn more about that new restaurant that opened last week. How do you find out if it’s any good? 

  1. Listening to a podcast from a famous foodie
  2. Watching their restaurant showcase video on their website
  3. Reading an article from a professional food critic
  4. Making the free recipe they posted on social media



The four categories of learners are: Visual, Reading/Writing, Auditory and Kinesthetic! Tally up the total number of points you get for each category, and find out which learning strategy suits you the best!

Question 1:

1) Auditory +1                                   3) Visual +1

2) Kinesthetic +1                             4) Reading/Writing +1

Question 2:

1) Visual +1                                       3) Reading/Writing +1

2) Auditory +1                                 4) Kinesthetic +1

Question 3:

1) Auditory +1                                 3) Kinesthetic +1

2) Visual +1                                     4) Reading/Writing +1

Question 4:

1) Reading/Writing +1                   3) Visual +1

2) Auditory +1                                 4) Kinesthetic +1

Question 5:

1) Auditory +1                                 3) Reading/Writing +1

2) Visual +1                                   4) Kinesthetic +1


Types of Learners

Visual | If you are a Visual learner, then you process information the best when you can see visual interpretations of that information. For example, you find diagrams, videos, and demonstrations most helpful for your understanding, because they give you a concrete image of the information you are trying to learn.

Reading/Writing | If you are a Reading/Writing learner, then you learn the best by simply reading the information you’re trying to learn and writing it out. You believe the textbook to be the most helpful material in the class, and to study you find that re-writing your own notes is the best way to memorize the information.

Auditory |  As an auditory learner, you process information the best when it is being spoken to you. Your favorite part of your classes is the lecture, you prefer listening to audiobooks rather than reading them, and having conversations about the material you learned is the best way to prepare for a test.

Kinesthetic | If you are a kinesthetic learner, then you learn best by doing! This is the most challenging learning style for teachers to cater to, especially in younger classrooms. You can’t focus on the textbook or lecture; you would prefer to just do the lab. Instead of reading, you would rather act; you don’t like listening to how to do the math problems, you would rather practice doing them and getting feedback.

In a classroom with so many different learning styles and unique personalities, it’s exasperating for students to be engaged with their learning. Teachers are hard-stretched to develop lesson plans that cater to each of their students, and each part of the lesson leaves a large portion of the class disengaged and confused about the material. However, at HSA Tutoring we cater each of our tutors and lessons to our students’ EXACT needs. Students are able to learn material significantly quicker and easier than in their classrooms, because 100% of their tutoring time is spent learning in a fashion that works best for them. If you’re struggling to stay engaged in your classes, or want a helpful and efficient way to get ahead of the curve, then HSA’s private tutoring is perfect for you! We have SAT/ACT Prep, AP Exam Prep, College Application Help, and Personal Private Tutoring in any subject! No matter which package you select, you can be confident that our tutors will ensure that you’re engaged and motivated in your learning!