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"Had an amazing tutoring experience!!! Accommodating, friendly, and SUPER helpful. Unfortunately you guys are almost too good... As through your services I will be attending Yale in the fall."

“Josie was extraordinarily well-qualified. She had answers to all my questions and was especially informative. She really cared about me and helping me fulfill my goals. She really went above and beyond (she was super flexible and patient with me when my schedule got crazy, mid-senior year…thanks Josie).”

“Haydn is definitely qualified to be an ACT tutor. His success in teaching ACT reading and ACT science sections in particular shines through because he puts so much thought into each and every problem, working to make sure I understand all problems I have done incorrectly thoroughly before I move on." 

"Each two hour session has been really efficient and I have been able to focus on the problems that I have trouble with. It has been nice to pay more attention to the parts of the SAT I have been struggling with!"

“I found online tutoring helpful because timings for both me and my tutor were more flexible. It was also convenient to be able to type any notes with my tutor online and even be in the comfort of my home.”

“Anton is very well equipped and always comes to the sessions with practice problems pertaining to the current area of study so that once homework and test prep has been done in the session he can teach the next step and provide additional practice."